Welcome to the International Journal of Football Managment (IJFM). IJFM is designed as an independent periodical for (multilingual) content relating to the video game known as Football Manager (FM). The journal is edited by Anthony Haynes.

The first edition will be published in early autumn, 2017.

IJFM is a deconstructed journal. Essentially, a deconstructed journal:

  • provides content to its readers, but only indirectly: that is, it provides links to content published elsewhere, rather than publishing original content directly on its own pages:
  • contributes to quality management by publishing links only to content that has been assessed and found to be of good quality

In the case of IJFM the assessment of quality is conducted by peer review. For further details, please see our page on Peer Reviewing.

To submit content (excluding content published on forums or chat-rooms) published after 23 April 2017 for consideration for inclusion in the journal, please use the from below. For content published before that date, please use the form on our catalogue page.

The notion of a deconstructed journal is explained in more detail here. here:

Peer review

Peer review is the main method that we use for assessing content to decide whether it should be included (in the form of a hypertext link) in either our journal or our catalogue.

For this we need peer reviewers! If you play the video game known as Football Manager (FM) and already possess reasonable knowledge of FM content, please consider volunteering to peer review: we’d very much like to hear from you.

The pro forma that we use for reviews is here: peer review form.

We’re particularly keen to recruit reviewers who can review content in languages other than English.

We regret that we are unable to offer payment for peer reviewing. We hope, however, that the knowledge that you are contributing to the development of a helpful resource for fellow FM users will provide its own reward.

To volunteer for peer review. please contact Anthony Haynes using the contact form below.