Welcome to the Catalogue of Football Management (CFM).

The aim of our catalogue is to help readers to find good quality content of the type(s) they are looking for. We catalogue content in a variety of media, although we exclude forums and chat-rooms (such as Slack).

Until our formal launch on 23 April, the incipient catalogue is available on the following free-standing page: CFM.

The catalogue is organised according to the categories provided on our Classification page.

Links (which will be published here from 23 April 2017) are provided only for content that has been positively peer reviewed. There is no restriction on the original publication date of content linked to by the catalogue. The catalogue will be multilingual.

In addition to historic content, the catalogue will also include content published in (i.e., linked to) our journal, the International Journal of Football Management (IJFM).

If you have originated, published, or read a piece of content that was published before 23 April 2017 and which you believe merits a place (i.e., a link form) our catalogue, please use the form below to alert us.